Hausaufgaben – für 10/11tem März

Look at the Simpson’s family tree below and make at least one sentence like the examples to describe each person. 

e.g.  Maggie hat eine Schwester und einen Bruder.
         Homer ist Maggies Vater.

Use either the verb ‘haben’ (to have) or ‘sein’ (to be) to make sentences, but remember that if you use ‘haben’ you may have to use ‘einen’  with masculine words (look at previous blog post).

Also there are no apostrophes in German, so if you want to say that Lisa is Bart’s sister, you have to use one of the forms below:

Lisa ist die Schwester von Bart – Lisa is the sister from Bart


Lisa ist Barts Schwester – Lisa is Bart’s sister (note NO apostrophe – this -s only works with a persons real name, you can’t use it with objects)



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