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Hello, welcome to Year 8 German.  This blog is where I will post your homework sheets and revision work.  Therefore, if you are off ill or miss a lesson, you can always see what you have missed and catch up at home!


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Hausaufgaben für 28/04/09

Word-order 1

The normal sentence word order is:  Pronoun / noun + verb + object / rest of sentence

e.g. Ich habe eine Schwester.

       Caroline isst Wurst mit Pommes.

Word-order 2

Sometimes you can change the word order.  This is called Word Order 2 or ‘inversion’.  The verb must always stay in the second position and the subject comes immediately after it.   (object/ place/ time + verb + Pronoun / noun  + rest of sentence)

e.g.  Sport finde ich anstrengend.

       Am Montag isst er oft ein Butterbrot.

      Hier spielt man Rugby.


Write these sentences in Word Order 2 (start the sentence with the underlined words):


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Describing your family

Look at these four sentences:


Karl ist             ein        Bruder.

Angela ist         eine      Schwester.

Ich habe           einen    Bruder.

Ich habe           eine      Schwester.



Ein, einen and eine both mean the same thing – a


What is the rule?

When do we use ein?

When do we use einen?

When do we use eine?


Answer: We use ein when we are talking about someone male using the verb ‘sein’ (to be) and we use einen after any other verb.  We use eine when we are talking about somebody  female.   


Can you fill in the gaps in these four sentences?

1)         Marge Simpson ist _______ Mutter.

2)         Homer Simpson ist _______ Vater.

3)         Lisa Simpson hat _______ Großmutter.

4)         Bart Simpson hat _______ Großvater.



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