Winter Assessments – 21st Jan – 4th Feb

The winter assessments are coming up over the next few weeks, you will have to do a reading, writing, listening and speaking test and they will cover the topics that we have covered so far this year.  We will do some revision in class over the next couple of weeks and you must use your homework time to do lots of really worthwhile and focussed revision.  Below are the topics to cover as well as some links and guided learning to help you prepare well.


Pencil case items
School subjects
The time

Here are some links to help you revise: – Beginner – In meinem Etui / Die Schulfaecher / Die Kleidung / Die Uhrzeit / Farben / Fruehstueck / Snacks – Deutsch – Beginners Units – Hallo! Wie heisst du? / Wo wohnst du? / Die Farben / Wie spaet ist es? / German verbs for beginners – 1. Hallo! (work through all the categories) / 2. Die Schule (work through all the categories).

Speaking Test

Below are a list of questions, you will be asked around 4 of these questions and must prepare full sentence answers.  You will not know in advance which of the questions I will ask, so you need to be prepared to answer all of them.


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Beschreibungen (Descriptions)

To describe someone, we use the verbs ‘haben’ (to have) or ‘sein’ (to be).  These are both key verbs and should be learnt off by heart.  Practise repeating them in the order below until you can say the whole verb without looking.


To practise describing yourself and others, click on the web-site above and then go to:

Beginner’s Units / Wie siehst du aus / beschreibungen 1 – 12

Once you have practised using, look at the table below.  You can use this in 2 ways: 

a.  Play a game with a partner.  Throw a die to determine how many squares you move forward.  When you land on a square, you must make a sentence in german using the prompts.  If your sentence is correct, you stay on the square – if it is not correct, you must go back to where you started from!

b.  If you are alone, write a sentence for each of the squares using the prompts given.  Then check your answers by clicking on the thumb-nail.



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Hausaufgaben – Adjektiven (Test am 17/03/09


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